Mellette County Livestock Show nears

In just a few weeks, the Mellette County Livestock Improvement Association will host the 20th annual Pen of 3 Heifer and Livestock Show in White River, S.D. Many changes and updates to the show have been made in the past 19 years, and this year, the 20th anniversary of the show, is expected to be the best.

The divisions will be as follows:

English: Early Spring (calves born in January or February);

English: Mid-Spring (calves born in March);

English: Late Spring (calves born in April or May);

Purebred: Early Spring (calves born in January or February);

Purebred: Mid-Spring (calves born in March);

Purebred: Late Spring (calves born in April or May).

There will be three places awarded in each of these divisions, for a total of 18 winning pens possible.

As usual, one Overall Champion Heifer from the Pen of 3 competitions will be chosen, with the owner receiving a Montana Silver belt buckle. This winning calf has become known as
the “Buckle Heifer.”

In an effort to encourage young cattle producers to become involved, an entirely new division was created last year and met with such enthusiasm that it is being included this year as well. It is called the Young Ranchers Heifer Calf Division.

This division is only open to producers under the age of 30. They must own the calf and have their own brand. 

Each young rancher will be allowed to enter a single heifer calf in this division. All of these calves will be penned together for judging  purposes. The owner of the Grand Champion heifer calf will receive a belt buckle, and the Reserve Champion will be awarded a trophy.

Knowing that some of these young ranchers might be in high school or college at the time of the livestock show, they may have a parent or other adult bring their calf to the show for them, but they will have to be able to show that the calf belongs to the young rancher, and not a parent or other producer.

A division of Feeder Steer Calves will also be included this year, as in the past three years. 

Any producer may enter one steer calf in this competition. All steers will be penned together for judging, and trophies will be awarded for the Champion and Reserve Champion Feeder Steer calf.

This livestock show, although held in White River, is open to producers from across the area. 

The date of the show this year is Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Cattle will be checked in from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. CT, with judging beginning promptly at 11 a.m.

A free beef lunch is provided to all attendees, as well as numerous door prizes, of which you have to be present to win.

There is no fee to enter cattle in this show. If you would like additional information, you may contact MCLIA President Dan Krogman at 605-259-3688.

 Box F, White River, SD 57579 • 605-259-3642 •

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